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12.11.2018 Blog, Tutorials

Digital Cinema Package — Few TIPS on how to create, test and play DCP on PC for free

What was a DCP? Let us first recall what the DCP was — it is an acronym for "Digital

25.10.2018 Blog, Tutorials

You can Test DCP with VLC Player (for FREE of course)

Back to the Digital Cinema Packages Did you know that You can TEST DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with

16.10.2018 Tutorials

How to make Transparent Box behind Subtitles with Aegisub

Transparent & Opaque box in Aegisub In this tutorial we are checking couple of ways how to make

06.10.2018 Inspiration & tips

Want to learn Adobe After Effects? Follow these YouTube channels to get started!

Continuation to "basic" video editing Adobe After Effects — what a great program. After Effects, or "AE", makes

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