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30.01.2019 Freebies, Inspiration & tips

TOP 4 Sites to Download FREE VIDEOS for Your Projects

Royalty free VIDEOS for your projects Earlier I have spoken about the places, from which you can download

21.01.2019 Inspiration & tips

STOP ZOOMING with your MOUSE (HAND) when editing | Premiere TIP

Don't do EXTRA WORK when editing Just wanted to talk about this because I was frustrated with editing

06.01.2019 Tutorials

How to HARDCODE Subtitles to Your Films

Hardcoding the Subtitles What does it mean when somebody refers to "hardcoding" subtitles? — You've probably seen subtitles "welded"

02.01.2019 Blog, Tutorials

BEST Video Editing tutorial ever: by Linus Tech Tips -Youtube channel Video Editor

"Long" but educational If you can't stand long (Youtube) videos, turn away from this article — but if you

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