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28.05.2020 Tutorials

How to make VOICE OVER for your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro (Beginner Tutorial)

Create epic VOICE OVER for your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro This is an important topic to keep

22.05.2020 Tutorials

How to Make SUBTITLES for Videos with Aegisub [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Back in the creating subtitles with Aegisub So, this is my "complete guide" on how to make subtitles

02.12.2019 Tutorials

Can’t SELECT 3D Camera Tracker TRACK POINTS — How to FIX | After Effects Tutorial

Can't click / select 3D camera tracker TRACK POINTS in After Effects? So, during last couple of years

18.10.2019 Inspiration & tips — Awesome FREE & online graphic editor

Design graphics online for free Heys! — I explored this subject again: can I find a free and

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