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We offer a bunch of different workshops which varies from couple of hours of training to for example one week training. Learn more from down below.

Mobile & video

Do you want to edit videos with your mobile device? What are the best equipment for shooting with mobile?

Level: Basics

Video & sound

Do you need to learn the basics of audio & video editing? We will teach you the basics and very advanced stuff also!

Level: Basics / Intermediate

DIY filmmaking

How to start making short films? What will be the steps on the making of your first film?

Level: Basics / Intermediate

Advanced video editing

How to edit movies & short films? We will cover advanced editing tips and methods using Adobe Premiere.

Level: Advanced

Adobe training

Do you want to learn how to use Adobe programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom or Photoshop?

Level: Basics / Intermediate


How to Search Engine Optimize your websites and work process? We will teach the basics and most interesting points on this topic.

Level: Basics

How to code websites?

This workshop will cover basicly the basics of HTML & CSS. What other things will you need as you start making websites?

Level: Basics / Intermediate

Wordpress basics

In this workshop we will cover the basics of how to use the admin panel of Wordpress. Because we have a long history on making websites with WP we will tell you the most interesting points on this topic.

Level: Basics

Making websites with WP

We will make a WordPress theme from a scratch. (you should book up at least three days for this workshop)

Level: Advanced

Something else?

Did you not find the workshop for your needs? Please ask for more possibilities.

Level: None

We would be happy to teach You

Do you need teaching with some of these topics? Please hit us with a message and let’s talk more!

Where do we mainly teach?