Video CoPilot tutorial: Advanced Electric FX! 100% AE

Video CoPilot goes electric!

In this 3-in-1 Tutorial Video Copilot gets the high-voltage action! This massive 56 min tutorial has so many tips and tricks you are sure to learn something new!

Techniques used in this tutorial:

  • Direction Lightning Movement
  • Dynamic Reflections with realistic falloff
  • Sub Surface Illuminated Clouds
  • Interactive Lightning bolts
  • Nice Soft Glow recipe
  • No extra Plug-ins needed! 100% After Effects!

Advanced tutorials with After Effects

If you haven’t yet heard of Video CoPilot, we strongly recommend you to immediately get familiar with Andrew Kramer tutorials on Video CoPilot! They teach very, very advanced techniques and you always learn something new. They mainly teach things with After Effects.

The credits of this tutorial goes solely to Video CoPilot and Andrew Kramer. We just want to share the goodness here on Olohuonetuotanto (Living room Productions) website!

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