TOP 6 Basic Keyboard SHORTCUTS to Use on Editing

TOP 6 Basic SHORTCUTS that I use and You Should Use on Editing

If you are editing a film, video (or something else) you just need to use shortcuts. Adobe Premiere Shortcuts just gives you more time and nerves to edit more (and more) fluently because you don’t need to use your time to do countless of frustrating moves with your mouse. I have edited my first years basically without shortcuts (excluding selection- and razor -tools) BUT as I got used to use more shortcuts on different points on my editing journey I am now very thankful of that I use shortcuts. The shortcuts makes your editing-life easier. And this tutorial is about my top 6 basic and favourite shortcuts that I use!

To who is this video for?

This video is more for JUNIOR editors (than to advanced editors) because editors with years and years of experience – they might already have got into editing with shortcuts, but beginners maybe doesn’t have (yet). I am telling (in this video) about MY favourite shortcuts that I tend to use while editing with Premiere.

My TOP 6 shortcuts are:

  1. Selection Tool
  2. Razor Tool
  3. Track Selection Forward Tool
  4. Slip Tool
  5. Zoom In
  6. Zoom Out

The Premiere Selection tool and the Razor tool works best together (cut with Razor and – then move things with the Selection tool). Slip Tool is good for watching the content within a cut – you DON’T need to use time to extend or make your cut smaller with selection tool while You can use Slip tool. ONE thing that I want to make clear: If you haven’t already, MOVE all your ZOOMING work from mouse to KEYBOARD (to shortcuts). THIS will save you tons of time and I can say that from experience. Hope you will get some ideas on how to make your editing faster and fluent in the future!

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