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Don’t do EXTRA WORK when editing

Just wanted to talk about this because I was frustrated with editing how slow it was for me. I used the ZOOM -tool many years with MOUSE HAND — and when I got the IDEA that “WHAT IF I moved all my zoom -work to the Keyboard?”. Hm, after I did that, I wasn’t frustrated anymore. I also want to underline how important this shortcut(s) is.


Zooming with mouse hand slows you down

Zooming with mouse hand SLOWS YOU DRASTICALLY. I know that and I just want to say that DON’T DO IT. Move all your zooming work to you keyboard (hand) and you can enjoy editing again. And the best thing here is that I’m not joking. Don’t waste years on zooming with mouse hand and thinking “why I’m so slow” (like I did).


How to use SHORTCUTS in Premiere

  1. Open FILE -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. It will open the Shortcuts -window
  3. Change ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT to your keyboard
  4. I use “F” and “D” keys for Zooming

And Good luck!

I have made a longer tutorial on what other shortcuts I tend to use:


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