Olohuonetuotanto Youtube channel is growing

New videos on our Youtube channel

A while ago we started making filmmaking related tutorials on our Youtube channel. We are discussing about different topics like editing, post productions, subtitles, technical stuff etc. We are always on a bit hurry so don’t expect tutorials in every week (or things like that), but we are doing tutorial as we have the time – our goal is to help other filmmakers and spread the knowledge of the topics we know well. We still don’t get any money out from doing the Youtube videos so of course every payment job goes priority one. BUT-as-we-have the time we WILL make the tutorials and other vlog-like videos. You can check the new Youtube videos out on our channel under “Vlog & tutorials & tips” playlist!

You can help us getting our Youtube channel to get bigger by subscribing and liking our videos! Please do that if you think what we are doing is somehow valuable for you!

Cheers and see you in the channel!

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Entrepreneur, filmmaker, instructor and a web developer. Director, cinematographer & editor of Go love yourself -movie, Tutorial- and Small Town Hitman -short films. Passionate with making films and videos more epic. Currently living and working in Jyväskylä, Finland. Self taught.

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