New website is open!

It’s a new start!

Olohuonetuotanto just released its own new website! We have done a lot of background work; we are going to publish e.g. blog articles, and tutorials on the “blog” site. We redesigned whole website for better user and mobile experience & usability. So, there is lot’s of techical things.

We have wrote our new website only in english, because it’s easier to be with just one language. Our mother tongue is still finnish, but we want to keep all things here in english – because for example our Youtube channel is mainly in english also.

So, please enjoy our new website!


About the author

Entrepreneur, filmmaker, instructor and a web developer. Director, cinematographer & editor of Go love yourself -movie, Tutorial- and Small Town Hitman -short films. Passionate with making films and videos more epic. Currently living and working in Jyväskylä, Finland. Self taught.

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