How to make Transparent Box behind Subtitles with Aegisub

Transparent & Opaque box in Aegisub

In this tutorial we are checking couple of ways how to make a transparent or opaque box behind your film’s subtitles. This issue has been requested from me couple of times so now I am making a tutorial about this topic. Actually this is very simple thing to do since you understand how Aegisub works — and what are the constraints of the program — in other words how YOU can modify the transparent box a little bit.

With other programs you get more possibilities

But yeah, at first I will make my opinion clear: there are very little what you can do with the transparent box in Aegisub so I recommend to do it in other programs — maybe with Premiere because there you can modify it more — or if you are just not satisfied with the possibilities of Aegisub. Of course if you don’t have any other program you need to be fine with these settings.

But let’s check how to modify the transparent box in Aegisub.

Why to put a Transparent box behind your text

So, why to put a transparent black box behind your text / subtitles in the first place — sometimes it’s just cool and of course in most cases it’s for that your text will be more readable.

How to create the transparent box in Aegisub?

  1. Open the Aegisub
  2. Click one of your subtites active
  3. Click “Edit” button to edit subtitle settings
  4. Click from the “Opaque box” -check box
  5. Modify the shadow and outline values to make the transparent box which fit your needs
  6. I suggest values like 0,1 in the Shadow and 15 in the Outline (with one row of text)

When you make the transparent box with the Outline value everything works fine with ONE ROW of text but if you need to have another row of text you have to adjust the Outline value a little bit to make it look right: make two line breaks there (\N) between your rows and then put like 1-X to the Outline’s value. This value depends on your FONT size. This is not maybe the best solution for this but — it’s still a solution. If you know a better solution, please comment below the video about that. Thanks.


This is it, very simple thing once you understand how to modify it and how to actually use the Aegisub program. I have made couple of other tutorials about how to use Aegisub if you are interested: How to Change Multiple Subtitle times at Once and How to make Subtitles for Your Films with Aegisub.

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