How to make a DCP for free: How to use DCP-o-matic & exporting DCP

Make your DCP for free using DCP-o-matic

This tutorial video is the second part of the tutorial series on “How to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for free”. In this video (part 2 of 3) we are going through how to use DCP-o-matic software, how to make the dcp and how to export DCP.

So, this tutorial video we will teach you how to use DCP-o-matic software, how to make the dcp and how to export a DCP. We are going to cover the basic settings of DCP-o-matic like the aspect ratio, subtitles, audio, encryption, naming your DCP, quality and export settings. We are also going to see the exporting of our film and after that what kind of files we got on our hard drive. Please be sure you have enough space to have the DCP there, because DCPs are usually very big files.

Why would you need a DCP?

Were you accepted to a film festival? Do you need a tested & working DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for the film festival? Do you have a small budget? Well, I had those questions in my mind too and here I am explaining how I made a working DCP for FREE and tested if my DCP was working or not. We are going to make the DCP with the epic program DCP-o-matic. I’m not explaining every detail about the DCP-o-matic program but I am explaining the things (and settings) what did to make a DCP. And — what is the best thing here; DCP-o-matic is free software to use! Yes, free! You could also PAY for some third party company (or someone) to make a DCP for you and that costs like from hundreds to thousands of euros.

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