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22.08.2020 Blog

Mavic Air Controller not Connecting to Phone — HOW TO FIX

Mavic Air Controller not Connecting to Phone — what to do? I recently bought Mavic Air (first version) and the first couple of days (like 5-7 days) was… Read more

28.05.2020 Tutorials

How to make VOICE OVER for your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro (Beginner Tutorial)

Create epic VOICE OVER for your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro This is an important topic to keep in mind: if you make YouTube videos (or any other… Read more

22.05.2020 Tutorials

How to Make SUBTITLES for Videos with Aegisub [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Back in the creating subtitles with Aegisub So, this is my "complete guide" on how to make subtitles with Aegisub. I made a tutorial on this topic way… Read more

02.12.2019 Tutorials

Can’t SELECT 3D Camera Tracker TRACK POINTS — How to FIX | After Effects Tutorial

Can't click / select 3D camera tracker TRACK POINTS in After Effects? So, during last couple of years I have had this issue with After Effects 3D camera… Read more

18.10.2019 Inspiration & tips — Awesome FREE & online graphic editor

Design graphics online for free Heys! — I explored this subject again: can I find a free and good online image / graphic editor working directly in the… Read more

08.07.2019 Freebies, Inspiration & tips

6 FREE & Online Photo Editors in 2019 | Use them in Browser

More ONLINE Photo Editors Heys — I did some research on the topic "best free online photo editor" now again in 2019, and what I found were quite… Read more

05.07.2019 Blog, Inspiration & tips

10 Youtube Channels every Filmmaker & Video Editor should follow

Awesome Youtube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Creators Jeez, about Youtube Channel again! Here's an epic list of what Youtube Channels to follow if — you are making… Read more

15.03.2019 Blog, Inspiration & tips

How to fix Adobe Premiere EXPORT FAILED / Error compiling movie | 5 TIPS

When Adobe Premiere EXPORT FAILS You try to export video from Premiere Pro CC and the exporting fails for some reason: the error message usually is like "Error… Read more

01.03.2019 Freebies, Inspiration & tips

3 BEST & FREE photo editing software (downloadable)

Photoshop substitutes You never guess what we are talking about here again: about FREE things. This time (under is the list) couple of free image editing software ;… Read more

30.01.2019 Freebies, Inspiration & tips

TOP 4 Sites to Download FREE VIDEOS for Your Projects

Royalty free VIDEOS for your projects Earlier I have spoken about the places, from which you can download FREE STOCK IMAGES for personal and commercial use — I have… Read more

21.01.2019 Inspiration & tips

STOP ZOOMING with your MOUSE (HAND) when editing | Premiere TIP

Don't do EXTRA WORK when editing Just wanted to talk about this because I was frustrated with editing how slow it was for me. I used the ZOOM… Read more

06.01.2019 Tutorials

How to HARDCODE Subtitles to Your Films

Hardcoding the Subtitles What does it mean when somebody refers to "hardcoding" subtitles? — You've probably seen subtitles "welded" in to movies (or in other videos). So — I'll… Read more

02.01.2019 Blog, Tutorials

BEST Video Editing tutorial ever: by Linus Tech Tips -Youtube channel Video Editor

"Long" but educational If you can't stand long (Youtube) videos, turn away from this article — but if you really want to learn how to edit videos (professionally, quickly,… Read more

12.11.2018 Blog, Tutorials

Digital Cinema Package — TIPS on how to create, test and play DCP on PC for FREE

What is a DCP? Let us first recall what the DCP was — it is an acronym for "Digital Cinema Package" and is therefore a standardized way for cinemas… Read more

25.10.2018 Blog, Tutorials

You can Test DCP with VLC Player (for FREE)

Back to the Digital Cinema Packages Did you know that You can TEST DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with VLC Player. That's really nice. You can basically see how… Read more

16.10.2018 Tutorials

How to make Transparent Box behind Subtitles with Aegisub

Transparent & Opaque box in Aegisub In this tutorial we are checking couple of ways how to make a transparent or opaque box behind your film's subtitles. This… Read more

06.10.2018 Inspiration & tips

Want to learn Adobe After Effects? Follow these YouTube channels to get started!

Continuation to "basic" video editing Adobe After Effects — what a great program. After Effects, or "AE", makes a crazy deal and it's a permanent  part of at… Read more

30.09.2018 Inspiration & tips

How to Translate Videos to Languages You Don’t Understand

Translating videos to languages that you don't understand You have a situation that you have a video ready IN ENGLISH and your ASIAN client wants you to make… Read more

26.09.2018 Inspiration & tips

Best FREE FONTS for Japanese, Korean & Chinese Languages

Good & free ASIAN fonts In this tutorial we are checking out couple of very good font families for foreign languages. If you maybe need them when creating… Read more

19.09.2018 Inspiration & tips

There are many Photo Editing Programs for Phone — which one is the BEST?

In recent years, I have noticed that I take lot's of photos with my smart phone — increasingly — shall we say, some every day. Well — the phone is… Read more

10.09.2018 Tutorials

How to Record Your Computer SCREEN and AUDIO

How to Record Your Computer SCREEN and AUDIO Let's ask again some questions: do you need to record your computer screen? How to get good quality video when… Read more

07.09.2018 Tutorials

How to Fix BLACK SCREEN Issue on Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Back to Premiere Pro problems Okay, today we are fixing, solving or getting around a problem which occurs sometimes you are editing with Premiere: the BLACK SCREEN issue.… Read more

18.08.2018 Inspiration & tips

The Best & FREE Video Editing Program also Beginners will get Started with

If you are used to using Adobe Premiere in work and for example you would like to use Premiere when home but don't have money  — there is… Read more

08.08.2018 Inspiration & tips

Follow these 5 EPIC Youtube channels if you want to SUCCEED on Youtube!

The dreams will someday come true Hey — you started reading this article so you might want to succeed on Youtube? It's a dream come true for many people… Read more

17.07.2018 Inspiration & tips

Top 8 BEST & FREE online photo editor 2018 — use them in your Browser!

From paid to free.. software I am just completely the Adobe family member — I use Adobe's many products; Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom, Illustrator and Audition and… Read more

09.07.2018 Inspiration & tips

8 Awesome Websites You Can Download FREE Stock Images for Your Films

More — Free Stock Images? Yeah, it's time to discuss about the free stuff again! In this article we discuss about more places (websites) where you can download… Read more

04.07.2018 Inspiration & tips

Want to be a Filmmaker? Follow these Youtube channels!

Youtube is like a school So you want to become a filmmaker? Well, Youtube has been a source of inspiration and a school for me - I've studied… Read more

03.06.2018 Tutorials

TOP 6 Basic Keyboard SHORTCUTS to Use on Editing

TOP 6 Basic SHORTCUTS that I use and You Should Use on Editing If you are editing a film, video (or something else) you just need to use… Read more

03.06.2018 Freebies

50 Free Textures for After Effects and Your Next Video Project

Download 50 free After Effects textures Learn how to add distressed textures to your next logo project in After Effects with the simple steps in this video tutorial.… Read more

27.05.2018 Inspiration & tips

Top 5 Websites to Download Free Images for Personal and Commercial Use

Royalty free stock images for your business... You can find various stock picture-, sound- & video websites on Internet and I can say that I have been browsing… Read more

22.05.2018 Blog

Affordable good quality lighting kit from Neewer

Because of the "zero budget" Just bought these amazing Neewer lights from Amazon for a very cheap price - under 300€ including postal costs (to Finland). You can… Read more

16.05.2018 Freebies

ActionVFX: Free Water Sound FX Download

Water Sound FX Freebie goodness At ActionVFX, they are committed to empowering today's visual effects community with premium VFX assets. One of their goals is to provide as… Read more

15.05.2018 Inspiration & tips

Video CoPilot tutorial: Advanced Electric FX! 100% AE

Video CoPilot goes electric! In this 3-in-1 Tutorial Video Copilot gets the high-voltage action! This massive 56 min tutorial has so many tips and tricks you are sure… Read more

07.05.2018 Blog

Feelings, experiences and practical tips on How to Get Your Film to Film Festivals?

Forewords and towards film festivals Are you dreaming of having your own movie screened in a film festival? How can practically get my own film to film festivals?… Read more

26.04.2018 Tutorials

How to Make MOTION BLUR Time Lapse Videos in Premiere

Creating Motion Blur Time Lapse Videos only with Premiere Did you know you can do time lapse / hyper lapse - like - videos (and you can add… Read more

25.04.2018 Tutorials

How to Fix Media Offline Error in Adobe Premiere CC

Sometimes media just goes offline in Premiere Pro And that is frustrating. In the video above, Johannes Myllymäki from Olohuonetuotanto (eng. Living Room Productions) is explaining and solving… Read more

19.04.2018 Tutorials

How to Update Panasonic Lumix GH5 Firmware

We made a short tutorial on how to update the Panasonic GH5 Some time ago Panasonic released a firmware update for the GH5; version 2.1. If you have… Read more

18.04.2018 Blog

How can YOU get your film to a movie theater screen – from a technical point of view?

With a zero budget to a movie theater screen How can YOU get a short film or a movie to a movie theater screen - technically? Well, cinema… Read more

15.04.2018 Tutorials

How to create DCP for FREE: How to use DCP-o-matic & exporting DCP

Make your DCP for free using DCP-o-matic This tutorial video "How to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for free". In this video we are going through how… Read more

06.04.2018 News

Check out our Instagram

The most updated social media channel Hi, just wanted to tell you that if you want to follow us on Instagram, don't forget to check our Instagram page.… Read more

04.04.2018 Tutorials

How to remove shadows from actor’s face

Making your final image better in post production This is a basic tutorial about how to remove shadows from actor's face. Make your films / videos better by… Read more

25.03.2018 News

Olohuonetuotanto Youtube channel is growing

New videos on our Youtube channel A while ago we started making filmmaking related tutorials on our Youtube channel. We are discussing about different topics like editing, post… Read more

10.03.2018 Tutorials

How to Change Multiple Subtitle times at Once (Aegisub Tutorial)

Changing the subtitle timings at once This video is about "How to shift / change subtitle timings all at once or just selected (multiple) ones". If you have… Read more

24.02.2018 News

New website is open!

It's a new start! Olohuonetuotanto just released its own new website! We have done a lot of background work; we are going to publish e.g. blog articles, and… Read more